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Modernist Cuisine: Science & Cooking with the former Chief at Microsoft Nathan Myhrvold

Published on 18 Nov 2019 / In Cooking

Cooking is an art, but all arts live in the physical world. When you control times, temperatures and textures you get more freedom in the kitchen and you can be more creative.

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The former Chief Technology Officer at Microsoft, Nathan Paul Myhrvold is also the principal author of Modernist Cuisine, a guide to the science of contemporary cooking. With the intention of reinventing traditional cuisine, the chef applies the principles of science to the art of cooking. Foods are organic compounds (proteins, carbohydrates, lipids and vitamins) and minerals that, when processed, are capable of manifesting their properties by being transformed into foams, emulsions, gels or other structures that can be infinite in gastronomy, given that it is continuously innovating in it. Nathan Paul Myhrvold believes that when people understand the scientific side, they have a more creative capacity and greater freedom to explore new techniques and new applications for which they already exist. The use of modernist techniques provides control in the kitchen, which allows for greater creativity.

An excerpt from "Masters of Modern Cuisine" produced by NZZ Format.

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